Optimize Worker Assignment and Dynamic Scheduling

What platform best equips you to optimize worker assignment and dynamic scheduling to meet service level agreements (SLA) with your customers? Rugged mobile computing and printing solutions.


Learn about wireless options for mobile computer connectivity that can save your business money and improve productivity in the field.

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By leveraging the integral GPS, your business can quickly:


Identify the current location of a field worker, asset or vehicle

Identify the closest technician or sales agent for an appointment

Factor in a worker's current location, status and skills for the job

And robust, high-speed wireless options in mobile computing and scanning solutions ensure you're able to immediately relay sales orders, work orders and the parts needed to the field worker.


Integrated Solutions for Enhancing Workflow Performance

Honeywell equips you with integrated, robust solutions for enhanced connectivity, efficiency and productivity – from the start of the day to the end.


Opportunities to boost your team's start of day process can include:

  • Sign on to OBT system
  • DVIR process
  • Asset/parts management
  • Equipment sign-out
  • Dynamic routing and scheduling

For more about what your field service team can accomplish with Honeywell workflow solutions,contact us today.